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    Surprise Your Partner ...
    as a Wedding Gift
    for Valentine's Day
    or Just Because
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    The Perfect Gift ...
    For Weddings
    and Anniversaries
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    Don't Forget Parents
    Mother's Day
    Father's Day
    Any Day
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    For anyone....
    A Loved One
    Anyone you Care About


We've made it fun and affordable to send that special someone a personalized love song. The thrill of receiving a gift like this can make it heart warming and personal, because each song contains some of your special memories and moments.

Listen to some of the samples below before heading to the next page to learn more.

What Customers are Saying:

My wife recently had you create a love song from her to me, and it's absolutely amazing! I play it over and over and it never gets tiring! J.B.

Recently, my husband had a song created that expressed how he felt towards me. It's our fifth anniversary, and this was a thrill to receive! M.L.

You guys did a song for our wedding and we used it for the first dance. It was beautiful and the words had my mother in tears. What a beautiful thing you are offering. A.B.

My mother is getting old and in a senior residence and loves music. I had you create a song for her for Mother's Day, and it made her cry. She says she listens to it now whenever she feels lonely. B.L.